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360 - degree non - pressure molding machine shoe universal pressure machine

1. No need to press the bottom mold
Save the cost of bottom moulding.
No need to carry the bottom mold, no trouble keeping.
Increase efficiency, no need to install, remove the bottom mold.
Improve overall productivity and quality.
Ease the workload of operators.

2. 360 degree uniform pressure, no dead Angle
Avoid displacement.
Avoid wrinkles, mouse holes.
Any curve, height of the wall can be evenly pressed.
Any hard material like TPU and Rubber is ok.
The upper decoration can be pressed perfectly without being damaged, and the result of the pressure test will not be affected.

3. Energy saving, efficiency and environmental protection
Do not use motor power, reducing noise and heat by 95%.
The energy consumption is 99% lower than that of traditional bottom press and air press.
Easy to use, without tedious process, one step molding.
High safety factor.
There is a super large development, training and after-sales team to implement local effective high quality after-sales and maintenance.

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