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Would rather not staff, also want to dismiss the negative staff!
From: Dongguan Chengtai Industrial Co.,Ltd Post date: 2018-11-03

For managers, the negative is troubling a group of employees.They often spread negative emotion and lower the morale of the team, work never actively, bone idle, when the team is always avoid responsibility, do not know the blame...

Negative staff don't replace, do more harm than good.State bad employees not empty, good people will not be able to come in.

In more and more outstanding staff!An employee to leave the team easily, there is no sense of responsibility.

Which team will have a problem, which the team will have advantages, if slightly bad or temptation, easily moved, no matter what, this kind of person can't be entrusted responsibility.Especially eager to ignore its brand image more cannot leave.

Complain and blame team is to make yourself a slap in the face, said his incompetence, even give up the opportunity!Kick down the ladder employees may not be grateful heart, don't leave.

Creating profit is the core of your being value, entrepreneurship is not for charity.Just want to escape, encounter the pressure such employees leave the risk is.Thinking first encountered problems, reflect the problem is the primary level, thinking and problem solving is the senior level.

To work with such a person:

1.Will always follow the team grow up with the people and the values.

2,To the team's future is always promising.

3,Can find their position in the team continuously explore.

4,In order to team new goals keep learning new things.

5,Compressive ability strong and patient man.

6,And team unite as one, in the same boat, share the joys and sorrows;Don't care about personal gain or loss, the tail from wagging the dog.-, realm, and dedication.Can enjoy the fruits of victory in the end.

A team, the person is divided into five kinds: scum, personnel, staff, talent, character.

【scum】Complaints, much ado about nothing, cliques, the destruction of a disturbance, eat an inside to pick outside;

personnelIs paid not only to do things, has nothing to do with your work won't dry, of mediocrity;
handsDo what is arranged, don't arrange absolutely not to be, waiting for orders.
talentWork is from the heart every day, work responsibility, thinking, well organized, know about the company's ready, benefit is their own, and those who do worry about the state of the company;
figureIs dedicated, with soul to think, work, and are determined to enterprises to do a career!
Haggle over every ounce, people need guidance, focusing on the present, people look to the future!Want to rely on talent development, main do rely on the people!

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