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Chinese manufacturing industry is gradually in the past winter spring is not far
From: Dongguan Chengtai Industrial Co.,Ltd Post date: 2015-04-11

The most difficult days are over "2014 is the year continued cold trough, is more calm and rationalreflection of the year, over the past year, we walked through a most difficult way." As a representative China manufacturing enterprises, ZOOMLION chairman Zhan Chunxin said. Not onlyis the mechanical engineering industry where ZOOMLION, belonging China manufacturing most of the industry, in the past one or two years, the global economic slowdown in the background, in the face of market transformation come unexpectedly overwhelmed, a large number of enterprises hadhitherto unknown. "".

The most prominent manifestation, weak demand and product prices in the doldrums. The machine together data shows, the key enterprises total order remains in the doldrums, last year 1 to December accumulative total order amount only increased by 3.55% year on year, quite a number of industry hit the market sharply, at the same time, the product has the price index for 35 consecutive months less than 100%. Fortunately, the common feeling of many entrepreneurs,including Zhan Chunxin's, "the most difficult days" is gradually in the past. One can support data,manufacturing manufacturing activities reflect the level of purchasing managers index, March at 50.1%, up 0.2 percentage points from the previous month, return to expansionary territory. On the other hand, steady growth measures have been introduced, the state has approved the highway,airport, railway, water conservancy, electricity transmission project and a number of infrastructure projects. "Structural surplus production capacity is still the biggest problem." Aircraft Association chairman Wang Ruixiang said.

Difficulties in life is not the surging current difficulties, depression and wailing made in China shows the transformation of a batch of enterprises or industries, to win new markets through thedevelopment of new products, innovation; or choose to stick to the original areas of strength, speed up the upgrading of product structure, market and actively go out to Kai Tuohai"...... Show the vitality of Chinese manufacturing. In the intelligent SIASUN is located in Shenyang's manufacturingworkshop, the mobile robot a driverless shuttle freely on the ground, moving objects automaticallyavoid obstacles...... , have occupied the domestic market share of more than nine, while exports to15 countries. Intelligent service robot in Shenyang SIASUN's new, can automatically send food, and customer communication, in October last year, has been in Beijing a restaurant official posts.SIASUN Shenyang is a microcosm of the challenge, to respond to the emerging industrial restructuring and upgrading of manufacturing industry to meet the new opportunities. ChinaAssociation executive vice president Chen Bin said, China's manufacturing industry of new products, new technology research and development to become more active, innovation drivendevelopment ideas gradually, independent research and development results gradually. The traditional manufacturing sector shrinking market demand, also shows strong vitality. In Sichuan,heavy freight locomotive and shunting locomotive manufacturing enterprise CSR Ziyang, frustrated in the domestic market, after hard to open up the market, the ratio of export locomotive% of total production, up to 83.9%. Southern Ziyang has developed 5 series, 42 models of the motorcyclemarket, exported to Vietnam, Thailand times, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Australia and other countries, with nearly 10 years out of a production capacity surplus industry with the international market capacity cooperation, the realization of the two venture on the road to success.