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Made in Dongguan where is the future?
From: Dongguan Chengtai Industrial Co.,Ltd Post date: 2015-04-11

Known as "the city's taxi master record" in their eyes, now Dongguan is no longer the "Dongguan traffic jam, the world out of Dongguan.". In fact, sitting in the taxi to Dongguan, a deserted, lonelyhouse came into sight. Never been to Dongguan, it is difficult to put this deserted and "made in Dongguan" in its prime downtown rumors linking.

According to the interface report, as of the end of 2013, Dongguan city household population of 1889300 people, the resident population of 8316600 people, the foreign population ratio as high as 77.28%. And in the past compared to a peak of 13000000 foreign population, about 6000000 of the foreign population has shrunk. When a large number of labor force is the main characteristics of Dongguan and the Pearl River Delta, the Pearl River Delta now also appeared slow growth trend.

Li Xun Dean of Zhongshan University City Academy of media interview that "the era of unlimited supply of labor is the past, the previous Labour is going up, is expected to 2017 will go down. Thistime away from us soon, the inflection point will appear." This is especially evident in Dongguan. On the one hand, some enterprises are worried that these workers back to work, another part of the business that is the wages more than expected.

The human occupies considerable proportion in the cost of funds of enterprises. In recent years,the government of Dongguan annual salary increases of 10% to 15%. Therefore, some of the staffby the high cost of enterprises such as the footwear industry, all industrial transfer to Southeast asia. Liaobu Pu Industrial Products (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. chairman Shi Xingyi said, "all the shoes(business) friends, no one to stay in Dongguan."

Another reason of manufacturing industry of Taiwan enterprises migration, is the continent's five insurance payments to the enterprise burden is heavy, the total salary of 40% - 50%, labor costsare too high. According to Shi Xingyi, in developed countries, insurance gold to account for 20-30%. Results the cost pressure, "is not only the withdrawal of foreign funded, such as Microsoft,several in Dongguan foreign capital withdraw."

Some companies are removed, some enterprises are reluctantly closed.

In December 8, 2014, Taiwan's second largest touch panel makers Wintek announced that in mainland China subsidiary Dongguan massgood LCD Co., Lian Sheng (China) Technology Co. Ltd.and Suzhou construction (China) Technology Co., Ltd has been stopped in December 5th andseverance pay.

Wintek was once a small size panel manufacturers worldwide, mainly engaged in ITO conductive glass, touch panel, the light guide plate and various types of liquid crystal display (LED) and module (LCM) research and development, design, manufacturing and sales, products are mainlyused in mobile phones, communication products, digital camera (DSC), hand-held electronic parts.With more than 600 global technology patent. Due to misjudge the situation in the industry, capital chain rupture and collapse.

Enterprise migration, the collapse of similar, although there is no complete statistical data, but theimpact on the overall economy of Dongguan is visible. Since 2009, Dongguan has 4 years of failed to complete the goal of real GDP growth rate. According to the "government work report" shows thatin 2015 in Dongguan, the city is expected in 2014 GDP of 588100000000 yuan, an increase of 7.8%, higher than the national average of 0.4 percentage points, but still a gap compared with the expected 9%.

Although Dongguan city mayor Yuan Baocheng told the media that the lower GDP growth does not make him feel nervous, but Dongguan more existing businesses really feel anxious.

It is worth noting that lost its advantage in Dongguan after the failure of transformation of foreign enterprises from Dongguan. So the government of Dongguan from the beginning of 2008, the city'sdomestic investment. From small to large, from weak to strong, from 2008 to 2014, Dongguan newly introduced more than 100000000 yuan project 585, the actual investment amount of 65830000000 yuan.

A new type of industry, the most outside attention is Dongguan to the implementation of the projectas well as the electricity supplier project robot.

In Dongguan City Hall Office show "on the implementation of the" Dongguan 2025 "strategic"(hereinafter referred to as the "opinions" opinion), proposed the implementation of "Dongguan 2025" strategy 43. Among them, the innovation measures of 27, accounting for all 62.8%measures. The first is to speed up the opening of "machine replaced" era, seventh to plug in the wings of Dongguan manufacturing electronic commerce.

In fact, "Dongguan's business is more traditional processing enterprises to contact new things, not so much, unlike Shenzhen, Guangzhou." Because an earlier by the Dongguan Young Entrepreneurs Association called "brother" Guo Pengcheng described the Dongguan creative entrepreneurs is not, as is the traditional things done more work. Does not make it a good business model, only the original things to APP.

The afternoon of February 1st, Guo Pengcheng also participated in the 300 consisting of 80, 90 entrepreneurs of Dongguan Youth Entrepreneurs conference. The meeting issued the "Dongguanyoung entrepreneurs pages", the Internet has become a common symbol of Dongguan many 80, 90 entrepreneurs, angel or venture capital gain is their common hope. However, according to the"Dongguan youth entrepreneur" Yellow Pages information, 80% of the entrepreneurs have noaccess to financing.

"Dongguan is the basic direction is right, but the implementation is difficult, especially in terms of innovation and transformation, the first government led mechanism, the policy does not change, not decentralization, innovation is difficult;" said Guangdong Institute of social science, Ding Li, "theDongguan many enterprises is small, not you want to