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To lead the new normal Guangdong economic good start in 2015
From: Dongguan Chengtai Industrial Co.,Ltd Post date: 2015-04-11

In 2015 Guangdong's economy made a good start, the eastern Northwest China contributed. In 2013 July the provincial government issued "on further promoting the development of the eastern Northwest Territories revitalization" decision of the economic and social development of the eastern Northwest Territories, made new achievements, has become an important growth pole of economic development in Guangdong, Guangdong become the two "the engine of the economy and the Pearl River delta".

23, organized by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial Office Network letter "from Guangdong enterprises confidence" the economy subject network interviewactivities officially started, the central focus of news sites, commercial sites and Nanfang Daily,southern net unit consisting of editors and reporters of the delegation will go to Qingyuan,Jiangmen, Maoming, Zhanjiang and other places the innovation of science and technology, field visits to local parks and enterprises, thorough, timely reports on Guangdong comprehensive deepening of reform, the implementation of the strategy of the eastern northwest new initiatives,new achievements.

A year's plan starts with spring. In the upper and lower convey and implement the two sessions spirit, the layout of the new year development, the Provincial Bureau of Statistics recently released data show that: in 2015 1 - February, Guangdong economy continues steady growth last year, a good investment in the stability, consumption remained stable, import and export has improved.Effective steady growth throughout the year is expected.

In the "four overall" strategic layout in 2015, Guangdong economic good start, continue to activelyadapt to the new normal and lead the new normal, continue to play the "two support" strategy, to accelerate the realization of "the three position, the first two" goals and lay a solid foundation.

"Three carriages" smooth operation

In the first year, 2014 deep reform of Guangdong to produce a beautiful transcript: GDP grew by 7.8%, over a trillion dollars in two consecutive years after GDP, GDP per capita exceeded $10000.The overall economic and social development to reach the level of moderately developed countries in the world.

In 2015 Guangdong's economy made a good start, the continuation of the development trend of the year. Economic data from 1 to February, to promote economic growth in the three carriagesrunning smoothly.

Investment firm in to good. 1 - in February, Guangdong completed investment in fixed assets 230890000000 yuan, an increase of 18.9%, an increase of 1.5 percentage points, 3 percentage points higher than the year 2014. Infrastructure growth has picked up, completed investment of 50954000000 yuan, growth of 22.2%, an increase of 9.9 percentage points.

From 1 to February, Guangdong second industrial investment 65448000000 yuan, an increase of 23.9%, the fastest growth rate. From the specific industry, industrial investment 65362000000 yuan,up 25.6%, of which manufacturing investment growth of 34.7%. Petrochemical, steel, paper and other industries in some major projects, the rapid growth of investment.

The consumer market remained stable. From 1 to February, Guangdong's total retail sales of social consumer goods 498801000000 yuan, an increase of 10.4%, after deducting price factors, the actual growth of 11.2%, the actual increase of an increase of 2 percentage points.

Online shopping continues to maintain rapid growth. From 1 to February, the province's wholesale and retail trade above Designated Size through the public network retail sales 10543000000 yuan,an increase of 44.2%, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods2.1%.

Import and export situation better. 1 - in February, Guangdong Import and export totaled889990000000 yuan, an increase of 0.1%, an increase from negative to positive. Over the same period decreased by 2%, over the same period accounted for 23.5% of the country's total foreign trade. Which exports 568760000000 yuan, an increase of 8.6%, imports 321230000000 yuan,down 12.1%.

In addition, the regional coordinated development has become more important support for economy of our province. Especially since 2013, in the province to implement the revitalization of the eastern Northwest Territories development strategy since the eastern Northwest China entered the fast lane of development: in 2014, the eastern northwest 12, achieved a GDP of 1.54 yuan, an increase of 9.4%, 1.6 percentage points higher than the province. This momentum continues. 2015 1 -February, the eastern region to complete the investment of 28219000000 yuan, an increase of 31.8%; western region invested 16922000000 yuan, growth of 34%, which Zhanjiang in Zhanjiang iron and steel, Chenming paper two large projects led by the city's investment growth of 56.7%, for the highest; the mountains of northern Guangdong completed investment of 23441000000 yuan,growth of 28.4%.

Add new impetus to innovation driven

Can not be ignored is that as the Chinese economy into the new normal, the economy istransferred from the rapid growth in high growth, the current downward pressure is still large. In the face of the grim situation of Guangdong, actively implement the steady growth initiatives, andaround the implementation of innovation driven development strategy made a number ofdeployment, both focus on the present, and the layout of the long - term.

Economy into the new normal, the reform into the deep water area, the importance of innovation driven development in Guangdong and the sense of urgency has never been so strong. Provincial Party committee, the provincial government, to take the initiative to adapt to the new norm to realize the sustainable development of economy, the key is to promote the upgrading of economic structure adjustment and industrial restructuring, the fundamental way is to walk the road of innovation driven development.

In January, the four plenary session of the eleven session of the Guangdong provincial Party committee put forward clearly, should take the strategy of innovation driven development as the core strategy, promote the upgrading of the strategic adjustment of economic structure and industrial transformation Guangdong general starting point, which is the province's economic and social development of the overall work.

In February, held in Guangdong science and Technology Innovation Conference, the deployment of the implementation of the strategy, but also launched a general mobilization to the province's industries.

In March, Guangdong province held the convey and implement the spirit of the "two sessions"Congress, to accurately grasp the strategy of "four round", to keep the economy running at a reasonable range, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy to promote theadjustment of economic structure is always the starting point and the core strategic grasp.

The main innovation in the enterprise. Provincial Party committee, the provincial government put forward: a multi pronged approach to cultivate more and more dynamic technology