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Shoes a week hot event review
From: Dongguan Chengtai Industrial Co.,Ltd Post date: 2015-04-11

Zhoukou to build the "greenhouse" Nike footwear brands such as aggregation

People USA, Canada may not think on their feet, shoes, there are likely to come from the ChinaHenan Zhoukou a rural women's hands. A short span of 10 years, the traditional agricultural areas in Zhoukou gathered a large number of shoe-making enterprises, the production of Nike, Adidas, Li Ning and other brands of shoes, all the products are exported to the United States, Canada and other places. At present, as the "shoe-making industry export base in Henan Province, Zhoukoufootwear exports ranked first in Henan, to occupy half of the province's. Public statistics show that at present, Zhoukou city has been settled in shoemaking enterprises 35, the annual output value of 2000000000 yuan, rural surplus labor force of more than 5 people.

In 2020, India shoe market consumption will reach 5000000000 or two

Recently in the fragrant shoes gross, CLE 2016 February in Chennai to host the nineteenthInternational Congress of footwear technology held a press conference. Executive president of CLERameshKumar, said at the press conference, the India shoes consumption each year more than 2300000000 pairs, a Yu Pingjun Indians buy 1.8 pairs of shoes each year.

The strikers took to the streets

[heavy] Vietnam shoe workers went on strike, CONVERSE and other brands of factory affected

Malaysia media people from the "post" reported in March 31st that the strike took place in Hu Zhiming City Industrial zone. According to witnesses, the striking workers mainly from Baoyuan shoe, the workers take peaceful gatherings, gathered in the inside and outside the factory. It is reported, Baoyuan footwear is a large-scale processing plants, CO brand, including Nike Adidas,lacoste, Converse and Reebok etc..

In the fire Nike shoes they sell out of stock.

Emerging market with huge potential opportunities, Nike is also a good thing. However, this does not mean that Nike will now be able to fully meet the needs of every emerging market. According to Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse) 2015 survey report recently released by emerging market consumers,a country can't seem to get enough of Saudi Arabia, Nike sports shoes.

The machine substitution effect of Wenzhou shoe exports rebound

Wenzhou shoes away since last year's downturn in the market, in February this year, the sharp rebound in exports, exports 2217000000 yuan, an increase of 73.52%. The industry believes that,through improve the level of mechanization, Wenzhou shoes to offset the increasing labor costs and other unfavorable factors to a certain extent, in the foreign trade market competitiveness has improved.

Anta for Fourteen consecutive years won the first national comprehensive sports shoes marketshare

In April 2, 2015, at the twenty-third session of the China market merchandise sales statisticsreleased news conference, Anta won the national tourism sports shoes market share for the first one, which is the Anta Award for fourteenth consecutive years.