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Waterproof shoes manufacture.
From: Dongguan Chengtai Industrial Co.,Ltd Post date: 2015-04-11

A: waterproof membrane used in waterproof socks to achieve 0.03MM tongue surface materialbonding; Oxford waterproof cloth + waterproof membrane +4MM thick foam +28GT/C 0.03 or the use of mesh in membrane process.

Two: waterproof coating to ride can not have the phenomenon of wrinkle or damaged, waterprooflining water pressure test to reach 10000.

Three: waterproof lining in the CD system should pay attention to cut (straight) should pay attention to the protection of waterproof membrane blanking process, not be chopping knife cut.

Four: when the car waterproof heat sewing machine must be adjusted correctly, temperature adjustment in waterproof material, temperature 360-375, pressure 2.5KG, 200-400 RPM (according to the proficiency of operation set) nozzle pressure 0.6KG. pay special attention to hot air seammachine pump gas, can not be too large in order to prevent damage to the waterproofingmembrane (first adjustable).

Five: waterproof lining stitching must use the 40# cable when sewing connection or product line andcan not be universal, do not overlap, the universal line stitch 8 stitches per inch, the width of 5-6MM.

Six: Waterproof sewn can not be crumpled or bubble water on both sides to pay special attention tocompaction in place, can not be loose or wrinkled, especially where to turn or arc high pressurewater pressure, stress in the universal line not offset and much overlap.

Seven: socks; car waterproof strip can be qualified with the upper combination test.

Eight: needle nails should not be too long or out of roundness, otherwise it will cut the waterproof socks.

Nine: as a useful PVC reinforcement, car PVC reinforcement should be positive, PVC positivereinforcement to brush to brush PVC treating agent, even in the dry and then brush waterproof glueover the oven to dry, and then surface fitting.

Ten: the car after the upper parts of the sewing back to brush lightly brush waterproofing agent,waterproofing agent can't brush too much so as not to soak into the outside. Stay dry and thenbrush waterproof glue bonding position is firmly attached to the water, bubble component positionto brush waterproof glue test under the upper half waterproof umbrella cloth, paste, paste to stick firmly, pay special attention to toe, mouth, tongue and combined position must brush waterproofing agent, to be dry and then brush waterproof glue and paste the umbrella cloth.

Eleven: tongue cotton, cotton adjacent port, to spray a light waterproof agent.

Twelve: on the back of the upper button holing to add floor soft material (1.2) so as to avoidscratching the waterproof membrane.

Thirteen: glue forming in the process of operation, Bao Hong Kong water can not brush too much.Molding paste floor with no benzene glue or prevent gum. Forming the last to finish in one time, can not hit too hard or sharp objects by waterproofing membrane rupture.

Fourteen: pliers for socks to glue or glue after can clamp forceps for help, when you want to paste the paper toe or PE paper to avoid forceps for worn waterproof membrane.

Fifteen: shoes moulding frozen and last the whole shoe face to spray again waterproofing agent,pay special attention to the tongue, mesh position to spray in place.