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Low temperature hot melt film use
From: Dongguan Chengtai Industrial Co.,Ltd Post date: 2015-04-11

HOPER-TEX low temperature hot melt film "green environmental protection" A series

The advantages of:

A: the "green" low temperature hot melt film without the use of organic solvent, no environmentalproblems.

Two: "green" low temperature hot melt film surface hardness range is wide, can be through a material adjustment, to adapt to the different requirements of customers.

Three: excellent elastic recovery force, not easily deformed by external force.

Four: high quality, low temperature heat sealing and high efficiency, save energy consumption.

Five: the "green" low temperature hot melt film forming, no wrinkle, water chestnut, reduce product defect rate.

Six: low temperature activation of an excellent, open time (OPEN TIME) for 4min, 7 times as much as the traditional hot melt adhesive Po in Hong Kong of the shoe, make the process more smoothly.

Seven: "green" low temperature hot melt film without coating adhesive, the material itself has athermal activation and viscosity, have strong adhesion to a variety of materials, no cold shaping,and oily leather material.

Eight: the thickness of complete 0.35mm to 2.0mm.

Nine: low temperature hot melt film "green" applies to all of the women's shoes, children's shoes,work shoes, safety shoes and sports shoes.

Mode of operation:

A: the "green" low temperature hot melt film cutting after cutting edge, that edge cutting the hob type peeling machine, or the use of grinding way, if the stick a knife in the cutting edge of the abovephenomenon, in the knife with silicone oil drops slowly to the blade, in order to solve this problem.

Two: the cut edge of low temperature hot melt film "green environmental protection" is placed in theoven.

Three: the oven temperature control at 100 to 120 DEG C.

Four: heating time 90 to 120 seconds.

Five: fixed the low temperature hot melt film "green environmental protection" V "shaped into a semiarc shape.

Six: the semi arc "green environmental protection" in the low temperature hot melt film before and after the vamp sleeve to. The following can be made according to the standard of the shoe-making process.

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