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The advantages and application of the hot melt adhesive
From: Dongguan Chengtai Industrial Co.,Ltd Post date: 2015-04-11

Hot melt adhesive applied in Arts and crafts, electronics, clothing, toys, books, packaging and other industries, is a kind of plastic glue, in a certain temperature range, the physical state of hot melt adhesive varies with the temperature, and chemical properties remain unchanged, the hot melt adhesive is a kind of non-toxic tasteless environmental protection glue.

Hot melt adhesive is the use of hot melt glue machine the hotmelts melting by heat, melt the glue aliquid, the hot melt glue machine hot melt pipe and the hot melt glue gun, to be bonded surfaceafter cooling, hot melt adhesive. Hot melt adhesive in bonding to play advantage, must use high quality hot melt adhesive and hot melt adhesive machine quality corresponding performancereliable matching.

Hot melt adhesive main advantages: short preheating time; the hotmelts normothermic is a solid, aliquid heating to reduce the amount of glue; save the cost; the broad scope of application.

Method of use: the use of hot melt adhesive hot melt adhesive spraying machine, which is a smallmanual spraying machine, the glue into the bucket, the temperature at 100-150 degrees can be used continuously; the machine is generally applied in the wood, veneer, cartons, bags and othersmall area.

The use of large and medium-sized hot melt machine coating, which is a kind of continuous operation, the pipeline coating device, the working efficiency is high; the use of glue is poured into the barrel, the temperature to 150 degrees can operate.

Can be sprayed, there is no solid hot melt adhesive can do it, so can be applied to various forms ofthe same product surface. Also can be in a small pot heated electric hand brush, very convenientfor small pieces of product application.

Also coating at room temperature, the composite of two kinds of materials, and at the temperature of 150-180 degrees of melting under the conditions of pressure for two to three minutes; or the first glue coated on a substrate for surface drying, melting in the oven / oven temperature conditions,then the composite material laminated.

Application of the hot melt adhesive is very wide, mainly include: furniture; decoration; book binding;leather shoes; adhesive; hot melt adhesive and so on to be used in hot melt adhesive and so on.