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What is a pressure machine?
The machine is introduced:
B350 type profiled sheet pressing machine is composed of the company in 2013 for the shoe factory in shaping the film in the use of high material consumption, high labor costs, the edge cutting speed, high material consumption (knife) and other issues and the development of the sheet edge pressing machine, this machine has the advantages of fast speed, low cost, saving raw materials, artificial material consumption is almost zero, etc..
Why choose pressure machine?
In the four line factory as an example, the use of side pressing machine cost savings of $about one million per year.
Pressure and speed
Can beading machine per hour maximum output reached 1800 - this is the traditional edge cutting machine produces in a day.
Low labor costs
The number of the use of the same output under the pressure of artificial boundary is only one of a dozen of traditional edge cutting machine.
Good working environment
Pressing machine in the production process without leftover bits and pieces of the production plant, clean and tidy.
Save raw materials
Compared with the traditional edge cutting machines compared to the use of compressor in the same product number can can save raw materials 20%.
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Suppression of sheet shape good working environment Material cost is very low
Pressing machine
Profiled sheet pressing machine pressed sheet edge transition, neat, uniform size, and because it is hot forming, the production process there is no leftover bits and pieces of the production plant, clean and tidy, beading machine using hot forming no traditional edge cutting machine tool of the trouble of frequent replacement Brain, supplies consumes extremely low.
The common edge cutting machine
The traditional edge cutting machine is cut with a knife edge part of sheet material to achieve the effect of thin edge, in the production process will be a lot of leftover bits and pieces, the production environment is dirty, and because of its use of manual cutting edge blunt sheet edge transition, surface is not clean; the traditional edge cutting machine tool need frequent replacement of consumables. The high cost of.
The four line of the shoe factory, monthly production of 300000 pairs of shoes, the wages of workers 3900 yuan per month as an example, analysis of cost pressure machine and the traditional cutting edge (RMB):
The use of traditional edge cutting machine
Manual: four lines to cut staff of 13 people, 26 days a month, the monthly labor cost is: 13*3900=50700
Materials: for each pair of shoes the sheet material costs 1 yuan calculation, the cost of materials are as follows: 300000
MonthCost: 350700
The use of traditional edge cutting machine
Artificial: only one person, the monthly labor cost is: 3900 (the compared with traditional methods the monthly savings: 46800)
Material: due to the use of hot pressing edge cutting, cutting the sheet size of only the original size of 80%, the same material than traditional multi cutting edge cutting of 20% products, the cost is only the traditional cutting edge 80%:300000*0.8=240000 (the monthly savings compared with traditional methods: 60000)
MonthCost: 243900
Month Province:350700-243900=rmb106.800
Years Province:106800x12=
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